This CD is inspiring, soul- stirring,and tantalizing,and spirit-lifting Reviewer: Lisa Johnson This CD is so sensual. The words pour over the spirit and the soul and touches the mind with peaceful, gentle, tantalizing fingers. It lifts my spirit and stirs my soul.It's an amazing CD and worthy of much praise. great voice i heart never like this before Reviewer: yĆ¼cel orhan i want hear more from stan sykes. his powerfull voice is really great! do it again! the best I"ve herad in years. It"s simple it"s great. Thank you Reviewer: tony caparula We were all over the ship and this was by far the best entertainment abroad. We play the cd"s over and over. Just can't wait for more.A great mix. SUPER! Reviewer: Kelly Ellrodt There's a lot of good music out there but this CD is not only's GREAT! Stan's voice sends chills down my spine and the sound of his music brings back such good memories of the past. your music is awesome Reviewer: Sara Dible My friend Michelle convinced me that you were a great entertainer. I found your website and played your CD and she was right, you are a great entertainer. Now I will HAVE to buy your music! I loved it! FANTASTIC! Reviewer: Michelle Mears Ahhhh, this is a GREAT CD! It's great listening to at home or work, the music and the man are truly heart stopping. The girls at work are envious!” - Stan Sykes

Some Scrapbook CD Reviews

The musicians aboard the Star were outstanding, the band led by a veteran trumpet player who made up for younger guys who seemed less inclined to show their musical wares. Stan Sykes, a wonderful Black singer from St. Louis, reminded many listeners of Lou Rawls with his throaty voice and masterful renditions of top tunes.” - Craig Forman


The greatest ship experience was the music. My my my. Stan Sykes is a gentleman who is "Mr. Motown" on the Star and headlines the Carousel Lounge nearly every night. He is pure energy and dynamite and plays al the standard Motown classics plus other tunes and takes requests as well. WE danced the night away, the highlight being the "electric slide" the last night of the cruise heading back to LA. There was a special funk and blues review in the Spinnaker Lounge with Stan headlining with the Star house bandand it was fantastic. The dance band Luna was most enjoyable and did a 50's and 60's sock hop, a 70's night etc etc. Very” - babbdawg


The lounge entertainers on the ship were in a different league than other ships - Stan Sykes and Jana Seale were so good we skipped the main shows just to see them, and many other folks did the same. We rarely had to use the customer service desk, but there was never any sort of a line, which is unusual in my cruising experience.” - Moomer


The entertainment on the ship is quite good. The Jean Ann Ryan Company is talented, for certain, but we weren't bowled over. We did like Shawn Farquar, the magician, though. I really enjoyed "Mr. Motown" Stan Sykes. He sang in the Carousel Lounge, and I thought he was amazing. I regret not buying his CD” - BIRDDOG 102